What is adtech?

Adtech stands for Advertising Technology. The term refers to technologies that enable marketers to plan online advertising, target banners and ads to specific target groups and analyze the collected data. As a rule, adtech solutions are used in digital marketing in a one-to-many environment and rely on performance-based billing models. The classic area of application for these analytics and advertising tools is, for example, programmatic advertising.

Adtech is often used synonymously with the term martech. There are small but subtle differences between the two fields. What these are, we have summarized on the Frau Wenk Blog.

Why do Adtech companies need PR?

Online is the fastest growing and most important marketing channel. Worldwide, 3.5 billion people use the Internet, in 2022 this could grow to 4.66 billion users (Criteo, State of Ad Tech 2019). The biggest driver of the adtech industry in Germany is e-commerce: almost 80 percent of users shop online (Criteo, 2019). And this often via several terminal devices. This opens up countless opportunities for advertisers to reach their target groups across all channels. What is initially a great opportunity also presents a great challenge: the adtech landscape is complex and often appears intransparent. Adtech providers must position themselves clearly against current industry problems, such as ad fraud. This is achieved by participating in the media debate on the problem and using PR to explain their products and technologies. In this way, they also reach marketers who, in the confusing adtech jungle, are looking for the best solutions that enable them to use budgets efficiently and increase ROI in their daily work.

The Top 3 adtech companies from Germany


The Berlin-based company Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps. With its technology, app providers can analyze the behavior of users. Its customers include prominent companies such as Spotify, Rakuten, Yelp and Runtastic. Since the company was established in 2012, the mobile measurement specialists have experienced a steep rise. At its locations in San Francisco, Istanbul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Sydney, Adjust employs around 350 people and has been making substantial profits for several years.


The advertising technology provider Exactag from Duisburg has set itself the goal of making digital marketing more effective by means of marketing attribution, i.e. the identification of relevant touchpoints with which a user has come into contact prior to a purchase. Exactag’s technology maps the entire customer journey and connects online with offline. Brands such as Tchibo, Otto, Saturn and Deutsche Bahn rely on Exactag to distribute their marketing budgets.


Applift, the Berlin-based app marketing provider, helps its customers worldwide to launch apps, push downloads and win new users. And with success: Applift operates offices all over the world and generates sales of more than 100 million euros.

The 4 most important Adtech events


The Online Marketing Rockstars Festival (OMR) has long since achieved cult status in the adtech scene. Every year tens of thousands of visitors make the pilgrimage to Hamburg to take part in the online marketing spectacle. During the two days of the fair, the visitors are offered a lot: in addition to the Conference Stage, where numerous top speakers of the scene perform, and several expo stages, there will be smaller special stages, master classes, guided tours, side events and the legendary parties and live acts that give the fair its festival character.


No one in the adtech industry can avoid DMEXCO. The fair has been the key event for digital marketing for ten years. In the future, DMEXCO will also become a platform, with lots of content on its own channels, 365 days a year. DMEXCO sees itself as a community and meeting place for industry leaders and experts from the digital economy and online marketing.


The Adtrader Conference focuses on Germany as a location for advertising: while the major international platforms and tech players are reaping the bulk of the world’s digital budget, Germany is still lagging behind its goal of establishing a counterweight. The organizer of the Adtrader Conference, Adzine, looks at the status quo of the competitiveness of the German advertising industry and shows what programmatic solutions the German adtech landscape has to offer.


At d3con the motto could also be „programmatic everywhere“. The trade fair for programmatic advertising illuminates the future of digital advertising. The focus will be on trends such as marketing automation and marketing AI. Every year at d3con in Hamburg, leading experts, advertisers, publishers and digital agencies meet to jointly develop solutions for the major challenges of the digital marketing industry.




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