What is Martech?

Martech is a word compilation of marketing and technology that describes tools, technologies and software used in data-driven marketing to reach users with personalized advertising messages. One example is email marketing tools. Martech solutions are aimed at establishing a direct relationship with the customer (one-to-one marketing). To do this, they use so-called personal identifying information – PII for short: such as a user’s name, address, telephone or credit card number.

Martech is often used synonymously with the term adtech. There are small but subtle differences between the two fields. We have summarized which these are on the Frau Wenk Blog (in German only).

Why do Martech companies need PR?

Martech is a highly complex and highly competitive part of online marketing. And the market is growing rapidly: in 2018, the martech landscape had nearly 7,000 players worldwide offering solutions and platforms for all channels and sub-disciplines of digital marketing –  an increase of 27 percent compared to the previous year. In Germany, too, the martech industry is on the move and generates a lot of noise. There are around 300 martech companies here. In order to stand out from the crowd, brands must ensure that they send clear and, above all, consistent messages across all channels. In addition, the technologies need to be explained. With the help of PR, brands reach decision-makers and marketing managers and can help them find their way around a market that is difficult to understand.

The Top 5 Martech companies from Germany


With its digital location marketing platform, the Berlin-based start-up Uberall offers companies an alternative to classic search engine marketing. The location marketing cloud of the start-up enables its customers to update the online presence of their locations with just one click and organize all marketing activities in just a few steps. Uberall’s „online presence management“ solution allows local businesses to be listed in around 75 directories – including Google, Facebook, navigation systems and the yellow pages. The system also reports when customer reviews appear on social networks.


Doo is an event management platform for the digitalisation of corporate events, trade fairs and conferences. Doo automates and personalizes the entire participant journey – from invitation management and event marketing to registration, admission and live tracking at the event. Founded in 2014, the company uses its self-learning event CRM to map a visitor’s entire attendee journey and makes it easier for organisers to record and analyse all the data of all participants.


„So that customers come to stay“ – this is the slogan of the start-up company CrossEngage, founded in 2015. The Berlin-based start-up has developed a software solution with which companies and brands can quickly and flexibly implement even unusual campaigns across all channels. The customer data platform bundles all user data into comprehensive 360-degree customer profiles so that marketers can react directly and in real time to customer behavior.


The survey tool Opinary is a joint project of the siblings Pia and Cornelius Frey. Everybody who consumes media online knows the tool, because it can be found in the environment of editorial articles at major publishers such as Spiegel Online, and as well as the international websites of Independent and the Huffington Post. With the help of the Opinary survey tool, media can get to know their users better and advertisers can achieve better conversion rates.


The Berlin-based company Remerge has conquered the international mobile marketing market in recent years. With the Remerge technology, companies can find users in third-party apps who have installed their app but do not actively use it. By means of app retargeting and personalized marketing messages in other apps, companies can target inactive users and win them back for their own apps.

The Top 3 Martech events


The Rethink! Martech describes itself as the leading business platform for CMOs and marketing decision makers from German-speaking countries. Participants come together to discuss innovative marketing technologies and strategies in digital marketing. The focus is on the latest applications and solutions that lead companies to a successful marketing strategy.


At the New Marketing Tech Summit, marketers should get a comprehensive overview of relevant marketing technologies. Experts and participants will jointly discuss the potential of these new technologies, which will be used to address customers along the entire customer journey. The summit will also address topics such as artificial intelligence in digital marketing. But according to organizer Adzine, the role of people in the marketing of the future is also on the agenda.


The Martech Congress combines the two topics marketing automation and content & commerce. In project reports, interactive workshops, expert contributions and basic seminars, experts report on their experiences with the implementation of digital automation in lead and campaign management. On the subject of content commerce, participants will learn what makes a successful customer journey and how they can optimize their conversions.


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